Liberate the Hostname. In 3 easy steps.

  • Submit the hostname that is being held captive.

  • Verify the hostname by adding a couple of DNS records to your zone. Once the hostname has been verified, it will automatically be liberated after a couple of minutes.

  • Once the hostname has been liberated (you can check the status below), delete the DNS records you added for verification and point the hostname to your new provider.

Note: You may have to repeat the liberation process for both the apex domain and www sub-domain. E.g. and

Check the Hostname.

Wait for the Custom Hostname verification to complete. If you created the DNS records within the first few minutes, verification should complete almost immediately. You can check the status here. Please wait up to 5 minutes after the status says "liberated".

  • Pending: The hostname has not yet been verified. Please add the required DNS records and wait patiently.
  • Active: The hostname has been verified and will be liberated automatically. The hostname should only be in this state for a few minutes.
  • Liberated: The hostname has been successfully liberated. You can now point the hostname at your new provider.